Sketching Away

There's a hashtag challenge that's been moving through my social media feeds, #oneweek100people2017. As it implies, artists are pushing themselves to sketch out 100 people in only 1 week. I got a bit distracted doing other drawings and things this week and didn't get a chance to look it up until Wednesday. Where I learned that this is THE week for the hashtag. I think I was sort of hoping it was an ongoing thing and you could select the week you wanted to dedicate. So I thought about it and decided to skip yesterdays post and instead see if I could reach 100 between Thursday and Friday.

Here are the 52 people I finished by the end of the day Thursday. I'm hoping I can get even closer to the 100 goal by the end of the day today. I'll post that progress on Sktchy and Instagram.

Since I got a late start I knew I was going to do group shots, which is actually really good for me to do because I have so much experience doing larger single portraits. For my subjects I chose vintage art school pictures. Images from the turn of the century to present day depicting painting classes, demonstrations, and critiques. 



One of the blogs that talked about the challenge, posted the video below regarding the importance of practice. It explains that effective practice is:

  • consistent
  • intensely focused
  • targets the weakness at the edge of one's current ability

The video also shows an interesting study that revealed mentally imagining success can be just as effective as physically practicing.

I like the challenge because it was fun to draw all day and it's good for me to loosen up. I feel free to experiment with quirky compositions. What I didn't like is that I think when I sketch I rely more on what I know rather than what I see. Everything is so tiny and loose you can't really see if it's truly accurate or not. That kind of bugs me because I love obsessing over details. However, I'm crazy happy I trying it out and loosening up. Maybe I can plan better next year and do 100 beautiful single chalkboard portraits that would be cool!