30 Days Of Drawing

I just couldn't resist taking on another art challenge.

#sktchy30 Day 2: Play/Leisure/Me-Time: The Swings At The Playground

If you follow the blog you may know that I have a couple trips this month, some home renovations, and a knitting challenge happening on top of normal life stuff. So, I really have no business taking on another challenge.

However, I do love the artist community on the Sktchy app and when I saw they were going to do a 30 day draw from daily theme challenge I signed up right away. With the prompts, I'm really trying to push myself to think beyond the obvious and to make pieces I enjoy. Here's the run down so far, day 2 is above. 

#sktchy30 Day 1: Rituals: Phone-Time

#sktchy30 Day 3: Color: Minimal Color Use

#sktchy30 Day 4: Workspace: Standing Desk and Studio Dog

#sktchy30 Day 5: Anatomy: Worked From My X-rays Using Expressive Rendering

I'm writing this on the 6th and todays theme is minimalism. I think I know what I want to do but it won't include drawing at all!

Thanks #sktchy30 for the pick!