Pencil and Charcoal

Below are recent artworks created as part of a 30 day drawing challenge.

I use the sktchy app, on which artists share inspiration photos, then create artwork based on their and other peoples photos. It's a great community that provides a lot of inspiration and helpful critique. I couldn't resist jumping in on their 30 challenge where the artists work on daily themes that sktchy provides.

Sktchy 30: Day 21 Habits

The theme for the day of the above piece was habits. I captioned it with a description of a habit I'd like to form. That being to participate more in online conversations. I find many like minded people online and that connection is a big part of why I'm on Dartily. However, sometimes I fail to contribute to the conversation. I want to be better about that.

Sktchy30: Day 19 Artistic Style

Yeah, that was one of those days....nuff said.

Sktchy30: Day 22 Symmetry

I had a great time working on this one! I had just created this blog post about Hayv Kahraman and really loved her work inspired by playing cards. So when symmetry came up as a daily theme I knew immediately I wanted to work off that idea.

Sktchy app: Screenshot

Thanks Sktchy for the pick!