Building From The Everyday

I recently learned of the contemporary sculptures of Isa Genzken. Her repurposing and assemblage of everyday objects reminded me of a couple other artists whose work I've seen lately.

Isa has been exhibiting since the 1970's and has had retrospectives in recent years at large institutions like MOMA. Her style has evolved over time but I found myself most intrigued by her sculptures and the paintings above. 

I found her use of domestic items and imagery interesting. Their assemblage turns them into architectural elements. They become windows and columns made out of the items they would have housed. 

To be honest, I probably read them that way because I'm downsizing with the move and "stuff" is such a big issue in my life right now. 

This idea of reconfiguring domestic items reminded me of the work of Chris Bradley  and Alberto Aguilar who perfectly titled his series "Domestic Monuments". Their pieces are below.