From The Sketchbook

If you follow the blog you know that I use the Sktchy app to find reference photos and share finished drawings. I've been posting on the blog the drawings I created as part of a 30 day challenge they hosted. Here are days 23-25.

Day 24: Conversation

Above are two tiny (2" x 3") graphite drawings I made for Day 24: Conversation. I displayed them in a little frame that I wanted to use for home staging but couldn't leave family photos in. While making this I had a narrative in mind about how these two are sisters and the older one on the left was going on and on with advice. Meanwhile, the younger sister on the right was letting us in that she intended to hang up on her, ha ha ha.

Day 23: Background

The above portrait is 18" x 24" colored pencil. I actually don't typically enjoy drawing landscapes or environments so I wanted to acknowledge the idea of the background theme without actually drawing one. So I drew this image where the projected light is causing a strong reaction.

Day 25: Technology

The theme for day 25 was technology. There are sooo many amazing artists on sktchy using apps to create their drawings. It's really impressive but I just don't feel it for what I do. Maybe one day but not yet. So for the technology theme I photo-copied arduino robot parts then used that as the base of my drawing. I had a lot of fun with this one...combining the copied image with the reference photo and then adding little details that reflected the muse and the drawing challenge. It also got picked for a Sktchy app gallery, thanks Sktchy!!