All Sorts of Yarny Goodness

Yay! Yarn the movie is now on Netflix! So I pulled out my WIP and got inspired.

Above are the socks I finished while watching the documentary. I'm really happy with the recipe I'm using. I detailed the process in this post.

Now, on to the documentary! I've been wanting to watch this for over a year now but the film was on limited release. There was a showing once in Chicago but I missed it. I was thrilled when I bumped into it on Netflix. If you like any thing yarny you should check it out. 

The film follows several yarn artists where we learn how they got started with the medium and what they are trying to accomplish with it. They represent a wide range of applications: graffiti, stage production, performance art, public art. They really elevate yarn beyond a craft and instead explore the conceptual background of the medium including it's strong order/chaos dichotomy. I liked that they focused on the expressive potential of the medium because I feel like that can easily be overlooked but I wish they did touch on how the process affects the artists.

One of my favorites pieces featured in the film was the performance "Knitted Peace".

Side note: My next pair of socks are on the needles now and the yarn is making mini stripes <3