Avocado Yarn Dying

Last week I attended an avocado party. Yeah it was just that, a night of avocado decorations, colors, and an entire menu featuring the fruit. The host [who is the absolute best :) ] saved the pits and skins for me to dye yarn with. Here are the results...

It's the most pretty delicate shade of pink. I love it! The process was really simple too. I used a ball of white 75% wool 25% nylon fingering weight yarn.

I want to mention that all water temperatures used on the yarn were cool since it had some wool content and I didn't want it to felt up. Also, most recipes called for mordant to be added to the dye but I didn't use any. Just avocados and water.

I want to make a hat out of it but the color might look a little washed out next to my skin so I'm going to add bits of this yarn from my stash for contrast.