Learning About Brancusi's White Studio

I'm quite familiar with Constantin Brancusi's sculptures but I didn't know the history behind his studio.

Brancusi spent most of  his artistic career in France where from the 1920's on he treated his studio as a work of art. It consisted of three rooms to exhibit the work, one for works in progress, and a room for his tools. 

He was very concerned about the display of his art in the space, going as far as to recreate sold work in plaster so the harmony of his display wouldn't be disturbed. The space provided him a place to develop a personal "brand" where everything (even his pets) was a pristine white. In his will he gave the studio in its entirety to the French state. It's been recreated at the Centre Pompidou for the public to view. Now on my list of places to visit!

I found his focus on creating a "brand" ahead of it's time and his focus on display really smart especially for an artists working in 3D. It's interesting how each sculpture really related to previous work in his mind. It reminds me of how when drawing digitally my art is visible to me in a single page grid format. I can't help but look at what I've done before and have it influence what I'll make next. That's very different than when I work on canvas, on paper, or in a sketchbook. In those cases the work is stacked for bound making the viewing of each piece a progression but not a single viewed experience.