Created While Traveling

We squeezed in one more quick trip before the kids return to school. Here's the artwork created while away. 

I brought with me a pair of socks to knit. They will be my first contrasting toe and heel pair. Before I left town I got the toe started so it'd be easy to just pick up and start working on at the airport.  I also brought my ipad and stylus with me so I could do more sketching. Below is my progress while away.

I created a few digital sketches between the airport and the pool. The last one is a WIP there will be an animated version as well.

We were in Silicon Valley so I got to play with more tech. We had a robot create these family portraits...

and I got to try the Google Tilt Brush Virtual Reality drawing. It was fun but the program feels too gimicky for me. Sort of how digital drawing used to feel. Lots of silly brushes and effects showing off it's potential. If it had simpler brush and background options I could see it being really fun.