Finished Drawings From The Weekend

I'm excited I was able to get a few drawings done during the kids last few days of summer vacation.

First, I finished the animated section of the above piece. The muse for this piece had commented on one of my drawings months ago asking if I'd draw her. I flipped through her pictures and chose this one. I knew I wanted to put something interesting on the other side of the railing but it didn't become clear to me until I started playing with the animation program. I decided a simple fleeting ladybug would be perfect since they are a symbol of good luck.

Then I put together the sketch below...which I'm not happy with. There's a hashtag (#sktchyalbumcover) going around started by an artist I'm friends with online. It encourages artists to create a fake album cover. I wasn't going to participate until I found a reference photo of a man with a hat looking up. He needed more to his image and photos of people looking up where everywhere since the eclipse. Then I started to think he and two more could make for a good eclipse themed boy band album cover. "Totality" would be there #1 single, ha ha! but...The lettering bored me and then I lost steam for the entire piece. I didn't want to give up (remember my post yesterday was all about rescuing floundering artwork). So I carried on and finished this not awesome sketch.

I'm much happier with this last piece and it took much less time than the one above that I hate. The reference photo reminded me of a young Michael Stipe.