This Week's Art Direction

Here's a couple drawings I've produced over the past couple days.

The piece above was created for a (#red) challenge on the Sktchy app. I also created the portrait below this week.

So much fun! The boys are back in school and I miss then a whole bunch. However, it is nice starting and finishing a drawing in one sitting. It's also allowed me time to dream up some changes I want to make to Dartily. Nothing dramatic just evolving with my goals as an artist. 

Another thing I've been able to consider is upgrading my ipad. I've been drawing digitally for a few months now and I love it! I like working in layers and feel a lot of freedom with the variety of colors and brushes that are available.

I'm currently using my old ipad and a stylus to make art. It's fine and clearly I've been happily working on it. However, the stylus is creating scratches on the clear screen protector that my ipad must have because the screen has a bunch of cracks. Also, the cracks sometimes make my lines jump. 

I don't want to spend a lot of money so I'm hoping between labor day sales and my hubby's tech connections we can get an ipad pro with an apple pencil for a reasonable price. The ipad pro apparently has palm rejection so I won't need to wear a glove while drawing and the apple pencil has pressure sensitivity. It can tell how hard I'm pushing down on the pencil! that would save me from constant readjusting the opacity for all the strokes. It would be super awesome!