Happy Birthday: Marjorie Schick

Contemporary jewelry designer Marjorie Schick was born on August 29th.

Marjorie is a pioneer in the sculptural/wearable art/jewelry field. Her work is unique in that it can be displayed on a wall or pedesta;l then repositioned into a piece to be worn. She uses color to create dimension and exaggerate the changing of the forms. The large scale is bold and dominating of the human form. 

Her work opened the door for artists, fashion designers, performers, and dancers to develop new approaches to the interaction of object and body. My favorite piece is the ring piece above. 

"The best advice is to have confidence in what you are doing, believe in it, and keep doing it. No matter what obstacles are put in your path. Of course it’s easy to lose confidence. This is so in professional sports and, I imagine, in most fields of endeavor. Don’t lose heart. Rededicate yourself to your vision. Persist. Resist the naysayers you meet and the ones inside your head." ~ Marjorie Schick