Sharing Your Art Process

I had scheduled myself to research and write about an art book that's been on my list for awhile but when I couldn't find it available online or at my library I switched to a book by Austin Kleon.

O.K. before I talk about the book, I have to mention how difficult it can be to find good art e-books. Since many of the books I'm interested in are niche I completely understand why they aren't readily available at my local library or as an audio book but why can't I find these books as e-books? Please let me know if you have a great source for digital art books (at a reasonable price or FREE).

Since I couldn't get a digital copy of the book I was looking for, I downloaded Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. I had written about his book Steal Like An Artist here. I enjoyed that book, and was happy to see his next book WAS available as an accessible e-book.

The first chapter of his book Show Your Work, covers some really helpful points about the importance of sharing your artwork online:

  • It's a source that has no barriers (aside from any technical ones), and you can interact with people from all over.
  • He encourages artists to share their process and not get hung up on producing a perfect product. Instead focus on the story of the process.
  • Inspire others with your experiences.
  • A good way to share your work is to choose what you want to learn or improve on then pursue that process in front of (and with) others.
  • Don't worry about "finding your voice" instead "use your voice". Take what you have and send it out there. Then you'll receive feedback that can help you refine your message.  
  • If you don't use your voice then the people who are looking for it can't find it.

I think I'll cover other chapters in future posts because there was so much to chew on in this one chapter.

All of these points are exactly why I started Dartily in the first place. Working in brick and mortar organizations was wonderful, but I felt I was missing out on larger/worldwide happenings in the arts. So when the time came I decided to make a goal of not just making more art but also learning about what was happening in the art world beyond what was under my nose.

Thank you for joining me as I continue to explore the arts both through research and making art.