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A Knitting Lesson...And Many More Projects

A Knitting Lesson...And Many More Projects

I'm about halfway done with a shawl knitting pattern that is so wonderful and addictive I might be done with it's sooo fun! Also this week, in my knitting adventures, I picked up yarn on sale for upcoming projects and taught the kid's friend how to knit.

Note: The patterns included were found on Ravelry and the yarn was purchased at my Local Yarn Shop, Fiberista Club.

I'll start with the project on the needles that I'm in love with. It's my first Stephen West pattern. I've heard a lot about his designs being playful and enjoyable to work on, so I had to give it a try. This shawl/scarf is so cute. I love the holes you can loop the ends of the shawl/scarf into ...very handy for keeping it in place on windy Chicago days.

I totally understand why people are obsessed with West patterns. He's really quite genius. The individual stitches are easy and there's huge sections that are simple straight knitting. The colors play a major role in the design which makes every creation totally unique. This pattern has the perfect balance of simple cozy knitting mixed with sections you have to pay a little attention to. It looks much more complex than it is.

I was having such a great time, that I jumped on a 2 for 1 pattern sale Stephen West was having on Ravelry then picked up yarn for 40% off at my LYS. 

The Gullfoss was my first pick. I love the versatility of the design. It can be worn as a vest, shawl, scarf, or my favorite way...sorta poncho-esque. Below are the yarns I'm think of for this project. The "dream" yarn would be the main color and the chartreuse would be in the place of the coral in the pattern.

Feeling ambitious I also picked up this pattern. It's a knitting technique called brioche. It's supposed to be tricky to understand so I figured a small project that's worked flat would be a smart introduction. The piece is reversible and can be worn as either a cowl or with the drawstring pulled into a slouchy hat.

Here are the yarns I'm thinking of using for this project.

At 40% off I also stocked up on some sock yarn. I'm thinking the pale grey color would be nice for contrasting heels and toes with any or all of the colors below.

And then....whoa lots of knitting stuff!

The kids friend came to play video games but instead ran to the yarn sale with me. He spent his allowance on these beautiful skeins with the goal of making this awesome hat. A pattern he selected before he came over. 

The kiddo has been working with a knitting loom for years and recently learned how to do a knit stitch on straight needles but he didn't know how to purl. So I taught him how to purl and work in the round. I helped him cake up the yarn, and hooked him up with circular needles and a pineapple progress keeper. He did so good!! He was past the brim and onto the first green stripe when he left!

So yeah, that's my schedule of knitting projects for the next couple months, ha ha ha

Happy Birthday: Terese Agnew

Happy Birthday: Terese Agnew

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