Drawings From This Week

August is just one of those times where I feel a bit disjointed. My schedule can change from week to week making fitting in some art time tricky. When I sat down to write this post I was worried I wouldn't have anything to share but as I swiped through my files I realized I actually got some art stuff done!

I have been consistently drawing everyday in August (as I had hoped). However, I haven't always completed the pieces in the same day. One of my goals is to become comfortable with digital drawing. I'm finding that it can take me a while to complete a piece because I'm experimenting with the tools. Which is a good thing so I'm not going to freak out if a finished piece doesn't come everyday. As long as I'm logging in and doing a good 20min+ of work I feel good. 

Above is one of the pieces I finished this week. I like the color palette and the colored outline. The following two were also produced this week. The one with the blue hair was a quicker sketch while the one with the blown hair took more time. With the later, I learned how to create a hand-drawn pattern repeat...fun! In digital drawing I'm enjoying the balance of bright colors with my sketchy hand-drawn lines; and detailing the elements I care about while simplifying other parts into design elements.

Having the kids home for summer is the main reason my schedule changes so much. One, of many, super cool thing that's come out of it is the creation of a new art game!

My boys love watching the YouTuber, Thomas Sanders. He has a couple videos where he plays a game called "Mind Meld". In it two people count to 3 then say a word. They repeat the process until they say the same word. My little guy, Spencer, and I agreed to draw our "melded" word. In our case after 4 rounds we both said "haunted house".

It was a fun exercise for both of us. I got to play in procreate and draw something other than a portrait ;) and Spencer got some direction on what to draw. That's always his biggest art challenge. He also busted out these cute drawings on my iPad <3.

Per his request I drew this cartoon dragon.