Quiz: How Creative Are We?

I participate in groups that discuss creativity studies, earlier this month one of the members shared a creativity test they designed. I took the test and here are my results...

The FREE ONLINE test is titled CATs (Climates, Attitudes, Thinking Skills) and was created by Dr. KH Kim who is a tenured professor of Creativity and Innovation at the College of William and Mary. The test is based on the Torrence Test for Creative Thinking but uses technology to make the administration of the test unbiased. It also appears from the image above that the test may be expanded to include a reading of physical reactions to questions as indications of creative brain activity.

In the video below she explains how the test works. 

In short the test provides results in 3 categories.

  1. Creative Climate: Or how conducive your environment is to creativity. 
  2. Creative Attitude: How open and flexible your thinking is that allows for acceptance and development of new ideas
  3. Thinking Skills: Measures how you apply inbox, outbox, and newbox thinking skills.

Below are my results for the Climate and Attitude portions. These two sections have subcategories of Soil, Sun, Storm and Space. I scored above average on all...yay...but according to the test need to work the most on my Sun attitude properties which includes energetic curiosity. 

For Thinking Skills I scored above average on my "original thinking" but below average on my "flexible thinking" "fluid thinking" and "synthesis".  However, I scored a lovely 100 for "elaboration" . The diagrams illustrate the connections between these scores.

I think the results are a bit confusing. For example how is my  "elaboration" score high if it needs "synthesis" and my score there was low? I do think the Climate and Attitudes results are interesting in that my lowest Attitudes scores are my highest Climate scores. Which I would take to mean I'm on track for developing my weaker areas. In self-reflection I think there's some accuracy here. I know I hold back from going far conceptually with my artwork and I definitely limit my input sources...I'm pretty much art obsessed, while I love gardens and yummy meals, I have no interest in investing creative energy on them.

While of course, no test is 100% accurate and there are a lot of variables that can sway the results in any test I still found this to be fun and interesting. Let me know if you try it out and what you think of your results.