Happy Birthday: Judy Baca

Contemporary artist Judy Baca was born on September 20th. Best known for her activist art. She is the Founder and Creative Director of the Social and Public Arts Resource Center in California.

Judy Baca conveys a belief in equality for all people through her artwork. When visiting her website I found loads of articles about her causes and projects. Unlike most artists, her gallery of images was given lower priority being buried a few clicks into the site. Demonstrating the importance of these projects to the artist.

"I really don't want to produce artwork that does not have meaning beyond simple decorative values. I want to use public space to create a public voice, and a public consciousness about the presence of people who are, in fact, the majority of the population but who are not represented in any visual way. By telling their stories we are giving voice to the voiceless and visualizing the whole of the American story." ~ Judy Baca