See Art Videos

Our new home has a full gym that I'm in the habit of using while viewing documentaries, watching YouTube, or listening to audio books. Today, while on the elliptical, I watched the film See: An Art Road Trip.

The film follows married artists Bo Bartlett and Betsy Eby as they travel to significant American art sites. Through the film Bo suffers from a medical condition making vision difficult and that experience has them both evaluating what it means to "see".

Bo is a realist painter and Betsy paints abstractly with wax. 

They spend time experiencing art and discuss the ideas it brings to them. They describe the importance of removing yourself from the ordinary so you can experience sights with a refreshed perspective. Especially how when you're really paying attention to details you can see all the history and meaning of the things around you.

While working through Bo's medical issues they brought up a really interesting point. It was a moment when Bo's vision was fading and he was incorrectly assuming what he was looking at. It's called Bonnet Syndrome and they describe it in the film as when your brain takes a blurry image and searches your "brain visual file" for the closest match. It all happens unconsciously so the viewer just trusts what the brain is reporting as the object in front of them. I have an interest in Neuroaesthetics so I found this especially interesting in understanding how artwork is read by viewers. Whether your vision is fading or not I'm sure all of our brains jump to conclusions all the time.

See is a quick watch with lovely visuals and free to view with Amazon Prime, I recommend checking it out!