Tip: How To Turn an Ebook Into An Audiobook

As mentioned on the blog, I have a goal of reading more books on visual art and creativity. The main reason I haven't made reading a strong goal in the past is because I make art with my hands and eyes...essentials for reading physical books, ha ha ha. Audiobooks aren't a problem of course however many titles I'm drawn to aren't available as audiobooks....but I discovered a work around. Here's how I turn ebooks and pdfs into audiobooks.

I learned this when setting up my eldest's iphone. He's dyslexic and I noticed he was misreading text messages. Some words are so similar that his misreading completely changed the meaning of the text. So I found this work around that would pop up the window below when he dragged two fingers from the top to the bottom of the iphone or iPad screen. 

Siri would then read the text on the screen. The fact that the text is completely read by Siri might be unappealing to some. However, I think the monotone voice is a worthy trade off to let me enjoy a book while knitting or drawing. Additionally, you see that turtle and bunny? As you guessed, this slows or speeds up the reading of the text. My husband, who is also dyslexic, listens to audiobooks at 4x the speed. His books sound crazy at first but your brain really does catch up and comprehends. Doing this minimizes the dramatic effects of a professional reader making their voice sound no different than Siri's monotonous voice at the same speed. Of course, there's the added benefit that you finish the book even faster!

So, here's how you program your iPhone or iPad to read to you [ios 10.3.3]:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Accessibility
  • Speech
  • Speak Screen (Turn On)

Happy Reading!