Finished Knit Painting and Socks

I don't know how it happened -because it felt like I didn't have a minute to knit- but I finished a couple projects this week!

First up were a pair of socks for my youngest. This was the fastest socks ever!! I was done with the pair in 3 days! So quick, so fun, and I have one super happy kiddo!

He had been asking for a pair of socks and I had one ball of felici yarn in the stash. It wasn't quite enough yarn for a set of socks for me but since the little guy's feet are smaller it worked out perfectly! Yay!

Also, this week I finally finished this knit portrait.

She's still wet blocking so the colors will change. It was an easier piece than most of my knit portraits because there are fewer colors and she's tiny. However, this took me foooorevvvver to finish because of holiday interruptions. I'll post a better photo of her next week when she's all dry and presentable.

This allowed me to cast on my next knit portrait. It has seven colors total and few opportunities for intarsia so it will be a more complicated piece. It's all good though, because I love the colors and it's moving fast. This is the final one that I have queued concurrent to it's production I'll be searching for yarn and planning the next knit painting. 

I'm enjoying portraits for my knit paintings, so I'll continue with that theme for the next piece. The big change will come with the yarn. I've found that wool and wool blend yarns work best because it's an elastic fiber which smooths out any puckering caused by the large number of strands I'm working with. Wool is fine except... I want to be ethical in my supplies.

Of course, I realize sheep aren't killed for their wool but most are treated poorly. So I want to purchase yarn from a farm that is kind to their sheep. I'm also interested in purchasing yarns colored with natural plant dyes. I found a place online that looks perfect so while I knit up this piece I'll be sampling yarn from their farm. I'm hoping it will be exactly what I'm envisioning.