Happy Birthday: Janine Antoni

Janine Antoni was born on January 19. She is a contemporary artist working in a variety of media including sculpture, performance, and installation art. 

Antoni's work often focuses on relationships (family, body, and audience) and uses the creative process to convey concepts to the audience.

One example of this process is the sculpted busts in the slideshow below. Both are casted self portraits, one in chocolate and one in soap. After they were cast she licked the chocolate and bathed with the soap in order to further sculpt them. All of her pieces have amazing concepts behind them. Almost, making the creation of the work the art and the remaining object an artifact.

"I start with an intention and then pay close attention to what is happening...This shift in my creative process has arisen because of my daughter. As a mother, you have to be flexible, spontaneous, and responsive in the moment. Nothing is predictable." ~Janine Antoni