Cat Pet Portrait: Charlie

I have a new knit and digital drawing of an adoptable cat named Charlie.

As with all my recent animal portraits the animals I’m drawings are available for adoption. I’ve found them through, and the patterns on their sweaters were inspired by Prairie Style design motifs.

I like my knit paintings because they can be a little rough and less precise than my drawings. In this piece I ran out of the background color. I couldn’t find yarn that was a perfect match and thought maybe I’d throw a filter over that part of the knitting to get the colors closer. After trying that I decided that I liked it imperfect. Keeping the area around the ears a bit “messy” brings attention to the eyes. So… I left it as it was knit.

I’m crazy inspired to take these rough sweater design and create actual knitting patterns. There are other projects I want to do first but I might follow the inspiration and jump straight into drafting up knitting patterns!