Finished Knit Painting

Yay! I finished a knit painting this week. I'm so excited about it and the next piece I have planned.

I had drawn this portrait a few months back. It was a really simple line drawing without much detail. 

I approached this piece like the last one I did: I turned the drawing into a knitting pattern, knit it up, then took the drawing (without a background) and layered it over the knitting. The final step is making sure everything is lined up in the image then add some additional line work. I've only been knitting on this one for about a week and a half so I don't have any in progress shots of it. I'm pleased with the final piece.

Untitled_Artwork 5 copy.jpg

The timing is perfect because I have another knit project I'm really excited to do! The yarn for it should arrive today so I'll be jumping straight into that as soon as possible. Some more knit knews has been happening but I'll save it 'til next week!