Book Review: Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk

This week I read "Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk" and here's what I think...

The author is Danielle Krysa who writes the Jealous Curator blog, which is awesome! So I was very excited to check out this book. 

The book offers plenty of inspiration and encouragement making it a pleasant read. It starts by explaining why we should be creative with exercises on how to begin and sustain a creative lifestyle. Then, it continues with solutions to things that trip up creative endeavors. The book finishes by offering some encouragement in sharing your art. The book has a couple interviews with prominent creatives, helpful exercises, and stories of the authors own experience in pursuing art. 

It's a pretty good book! I read lots of books like this and found this one didn't offer too much beyond what other similar titles do, but it was encouraging and it did provide solutions. It should prove helpful to artists who are struggling, insecure, or shy about their work. 

I do want to add a bit from my experience. There's a chapter devoted to making time and space for artmaking. I could relate all too well to how hard it is to find time for artmaking when you have a family with little kids, a full-time job, pets etc... I gotta add that I've had so much more time to devote to my art when last year our family got rid of 3/5th of our stuff and moved into a tiny space. We got rid of the yard and now enjoy a balcony, rooftop, and local parks. There are significantly fewer household tasks that eat up time making it much easier to find time AND focus on creative activities. While I totally get a change like that isn't appealing or viable for everyone. I would urge those struggling, to do a time inventory for a week. Figure out what's taking so much time and either streamline, delegate, or better yet donate the stuff that takes, more than gives to your life. Clear away the clutter that fogs your vision.