Book Review: The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

This week, I listened to the book The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (From A to B and Back Again) and wish I could transplant Warhol into contemporary society for just a day.

One review of the book said: "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol, then, presents the critical reader with a portrait of the artist as a shallow, egotistical, superficial, self-contradictory man." Ha ha ha yeah, that's true except it does so in a very genuine way. Which makes it an interesting and engaging read. 

The book is a series of Warhol's musings and conversations with the other person identified as simply "B". It includes his thoughts on technology, beauty, fame, cleaning, and even how to buy underwear.

It reminded me of the random thought videos that some animation YouTubers put out there. Just seemingly random stories and musings. Some are pointless, some are not flattering, and some are really interesting and thought-provoking. It does reveal Warhol as a curious viewer of the human condition. While he surrounded himself with celebrity, he describes the scene with such observation that he feels like a true outsider.

Clearly those random thought videos and all the content on social media etc... couldn't have been explored at its current level without Warhol paving the way. However, I'd love to see how much further it'd go if we could time travel Warhol into the scene for just a day or two. Also, some of his references were dated and I'd love to see how those would change if he could see where the world is now. 

Since time travel ain't a thing, then I think the next best thing is to give this book a read and adopt an open and curious mind. Observe the simple things and try to understand them beyond the obvious.

This book is a very quick and easy read. The content is bite-sized so you can pick it up easily. It does mention sex so it may not be appropriate for all ages but for those who like anything Warhol they'll enjoy this.