Book Review: Interaction of Color

This week, I read the Interaction of Color by Josef Albers and here's what I learned.

From what I understand, many art students are assigned to work through this book. I received my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and they didn't require it. Since working more intentionally in color is a goal of mine I thought I'd start with this historically important text that's new to me.

The first half of the book is in black and white and describes different exercises you can do with colored paper. Honestly, it reads very dry and the exercises as described aren't especially helpful. Even when I pulled out colored paper as directed I didn't find it engaging or useful. However, the second half of the book is in color and is quite helpful. The second half includes a brief description of the exercises mentioned earlier along with a color illustration. This was much more useful in communicating the ideas of the book. 

The main concepts covered include color relationships and perception. These concepts weren't new to me so I decided the best way for me to use this book is literally as visual exercises.

My Goal: Revisit the illustrations from time to time to remind my eye on to see color relationships so I can intuitively see them while painting. 

Then I found the app! This app is fantastic! The app is pricey at $14. Honestly, I've never bought an app that expensive before, but it's really the entire book! Along with having all the text from the first half of the book it also has all the color illustrations from the second half of the book AND it has interactive exercises AND hours of video. How awesome! This works perfectly for how I intend to use this information as visual exercise. I'm taking a vacation soon and will definitely be playing with this app while traveling.

I say skip the paperback (save some trees) get the app instead.