Poll: Color Preference

I'm testing out different color palettes for portrait painting and I want to know what you think!

If you follow the blog you may know that I used to work in color in the past but then spent almost a decade working primarily in charcoal. With that, I had to reintroduce myself to color while also learning digital drawing techniques.

Ever trying to grow and develop, I'm not ok with just making drawings, I want to create work with thought and intention so fine-tuning my process is a goal of mine. 

Recently I've found a way of working that I really like and viewers seem to enjoy. My problem is that I chose the colors on my palette sort of at random. I simply selected the colors I felt like I was seeing then I'd add them to the palette in no particular order. While gut reactions in art are legitimate, things were getting sloppy so I decided to do a little exercise to fine tune my color choices and reorganize my palette. 

I decided to do this by drawing the same painting 4 times with different popular palettes. Out of curiosity, I'd love, to know which you prefer so please leave a comment, vote on my social media, or shoot me an email to let me know.

First up was the palette I've been using for my recent paintings. I really have fun with these colors but look how crazy sloppy my palette is :P

The second palette was found on Adobe Color. On this site you can search for popular color combinations or choose one color and it will show you others that will provide harmony to your work.

The next palette was developed from Pantone's list of popular colors from New York Fashion Week Spring 2018. 

The final palette was found on colourlovers.com. Similar to the Adobe site this one allows designers to post palettes and the community can vote on them. I simply chose colors from the top voted palettes on the site. I also took the time to organize this palette in value, hue, and saturation.

So...yeah! let me know what you think! Here are the four options again.