Vacation Art Projects

We're going on vacation! We'll be traveling from Chicago to Switzerland, then training our way to Venice. As always, I need to develop a travel art-making plan, especially with some long flights ahead of me. So here are my goals:

1. I'll be bringing my ipad pro and will have a bunch of reference photos ready so I can draw while away.

2. I'll be finishing my knit shawl. I actually was hoping to finish this before the trip but it just isn't going to happen. That's o.k. though, it's an easy knit so it'll be fun to work on while traveling. I'm also bringing this pink yarn for a pair of socks.

3. I've downloaded some Craftsy classes on speed knitting and brioche. I was advised by the knitting experts in my life not to learn brioche while traveling because it can be frustrating. I'll watch the video and bring yarn to play with but won't beat myself up if I only watch the video and not get any hands-on practice in.

4. We need a comforter for our master bedroom. I thought about buying one but then thought it'd be more fun to make a quilt. I've downloaded some sewing and quilting Craftsy classes to watch while on the plane. Below are some patterns I'm considering:

I think a monochromatic palette would look best on the quilt. My son has been making B&W designs using the Amaziograph app and I think these printed on fabric and then assembled into one of those quilt patterns would look amazing. He has dozens more! So yeah, on the flight I'd like to watch the quilting lessons to see if this feels like a feasible project.

The reality is I'll likely be too busy or tired to complete any of this but I like to be prepared.