Happy Birthday: Nancy Spero

Nancy Spero was a contemporary artist born on August 24th. Her work uses historical design and iconography to communication contemporary positions on feminism.

I love the quote below. I know it might seem a bit of a bummer but I think a lot of artists feel that way. In a quote from the same article, she also says she was "always doomed to be an artist".

Artists rarely get the credit they deserve for the creations they make and it may seem very impractical and a waste of time to focus on art-making. Why then do artists work so hard to overcome art block when it hits...even if they make art just for themselves? I believe it's because there's so much that comes from the process. Getting in the zone while creating, sense of accomplishment when the piece is done, and I think most importantly art-making gives a voice to those that struggle with words etc...

"...the only thing I could do was draw and paint... it was the only thing I wanted to do and yet for some strange reason, I think I felt that it wasn't of no use to society." ~Nancy Spero