Happy Birthday: Terry Braunstein

Terry Braunstein is a contemporary artist born on September 18th. She uses photo montage and collage in various formats such as video, book arts, and public art to reveal the viewers role amongst universal themes.

Braunstein has an awesome website that you can see here. I really like how Braunstein applies collage to new forms such as sculpture, public art, and book arts. I also appreciate that in her work the story behind the source images isn’t what’s important. The emphasis is the story of when the pieces are put together. What I mean by that is unlike many collage artists I can’t look at her work and easily identify where she found the source images. 

“I start with a question I don’t know the answer to… The kind of question that research…isn’t going to give me the answer to. It’s really in the making of the work that something is revealed to me.” ~ Terry Braunstein