Knit Painting and Super Socktober

As the creation of this painted and knit portrait time-lapses I share a new goal I have for October!

I'll be doing #socktober. I'll be knitting socks and for each pair I complete I'll donate a multi-pack of socks to a local homeless organization.

Join me OR follow along and donate a pack of socks for each pair I finish!

…more info below…

faith portrait painting.JPG

#socktober started as a challenge in the knitting community to knit as many pairs of socks as you can in the month of October with the goal of improving your speed and technique. In recent years the hashtag as been adopted to promote the donation of socks to organizations that help the homeless. I’ll be meshing the two together into a Super Socktober!

For each hand knitted pair of socks I complete I will donate a multi-pack of socks to our local organization. In my community there will be collection bins at the local library throughout the month of October.

Learn more about socktober here:

Join me OR donate a pack of socks for each pair I knit!