Finished Knit: Raglan Sweater for Us and the Doggo

Yay! I finished a sweater for me/the boys and the dog! The pattern is the Go To Raglan by Stephen West. The yarn is two strands held together. One is navy the other strand consists of left over bits of striping sock yarn.

I had some specific goals with this sweater:

  • I wanted to learn to knit raglan shaping.

  • My boys needed something easy they could knit to refine their knit skills.

  • I needed to use up my stash of self striping sock yarn. Because they stripe I can’t use them in my artwork.

  • Because the boys were going to knit on this as well I wanted it to be big enough to fit them too. The goal was an oversized super comfy lounge sweater.

  • I wanted to learn to write knitting patterns while creating the dog version of the sweater.

This was really fun to knit and it fulfilled all my goals. It’s the most snuggly sweater around! The only modification I made to the pattern was to not double layer the bottom ribbing. The double neckline ribbing works great because it adds some structure to this drapey oversized sweater but I think if the bottom edge was doubled as well it would have provided too much bulk that would ruin the drapey nature of this sweater.

The dog version was really fun, because I used it as an opportunity to learn to write knitting patterns. Rocket is a mixed breed and of the 10 or so tops I’ve bought for him there’s only 1 that fits well.

I started by measuring him and working out the design very casually in my notes. Next I created a table and filled in the range of dog sizes from teacup to great dane. I entered 6 different body measurements so the garment could be knit to fit dogs with wildly different measurements. I then entered my gauge and had it auto populate the stitch counts for all the different sizes and measurements. When I went to knit Rocket’s sweater I worked from the spreadsheet only. In essence I was sculpting with math and it was sooooo cool!

It’s the most perfect fitting sweater Rocket has <3