Finished Knitted Cardigan and Hat

I finished a cardigan and hat in time for vogue knitting live!

First, I’ll share this cardigan. The pattern is the Carbeth Cardigan by Kate Davies.

To be honest, I’m not totally happy with this sweater.

I purchased the yarn to make a different cardigan that I could wear in the summer. I wanted something airy and light weight that I could throw on over a sundress. I chose this yarn because I loved the color and it’s a nice smooth texture that would create nice definition in the lace on the pattern.

I swatched for the lace sweater and decided it was going to be too intense for me at this time. I wanted something a little more simple. A project of mostly tv knitting with just a few transition spots to pay attention to. With that, I changed gears to the Carbeth Cardigan. The pattern is pretty simple but would teach me about bottom up construction and I’ve never set in buttons before so that would be new too. So a perfect choice just enough new to keep me excited but mostly a relaxing knit.

Unfortunately, this sweater turned out much drapy-ier than I expected. You can pretty much see right through it. So it’s very different than how I expected it to turn out BUT it might be exactly what I wanted in the first place. I think in the summer I might find myself grabbing this piece to wear over my sundresses.

So while it’s different than expected I’m keeping an open mind as to its role in my wardrobe.

The pattern itself was excellent. Very easy to follow and well written. I recommend it and might knit another version in a more rustic yarn.

I had extra yarn and decided to bust out a hat for the hubby with it before we leave town. This is the Citadel hat pattern by Beata Jezek of Hedghog Fibers. This was so quick, fun, and easy. I LOVED making this hat. The stitch pattern was simple but has such a unique look on the hat. Also, the hat is reversible!

I love it! These colors look perfect on the hubby and I think the style of it is very consistent with hats he likes to wear! The only problem I had with this piece was I slipped a stitch when I removed the provisional cast on but didn’t notice until the hat was totally finished. So I meticulously carried the stitch all the way up to the crown of the hat. You can kind of see where the stitches got pulled on the right side of the picture above. I don’t think it’s too big of a deal and I bet a little blocking and wear will straighten that out.

Another awesome project and pattern I recommend!

Next up for my knitting: Many more knit prints. I have a couple solo shows coming up and I want to have a new body of work to show. For recreational knitting I have my eye on the Wool and Honey sweater by Andrea Mowry.