Finished Knits: Raglan Sweater and Brioche Hat

Yay! I finished a couple knitting patterns that taught me how to do raglan shaping and how to knit brioche!

First up is this raglan sweater designed by Stephen West

I chose this pattern for a few reasons:

  1. The kids wanted to learn knitting and this pattern had a lot of stockinette in the round

  2. The design could be worn by everyone in the family

  3. I hadn’t done raglan shaping before and wanted to learn how

  4. It’s designed with two strands of yarn held together. One of which is extra self-striping sock yarn I had in my stash.

I’m super happy with how it turned out. It’s designed with minimal ease but I envisioned it as an oversized comfy weekend sweater. I sized UP!

At first I didn’t like how the collar was done because it’s folded over and kinda bulky. So I skipped folding over the hem of the sweater. I think that was the right move especially because I was making this oversized I think the extra fabric at the bottom would have messed up the nice drape we ended up with.

However, once completed I started to appreciate the rolled neckline. It adds some good structure (where needed) on this loose sweater.

I included the thumb holes that were designed for the cuffs. I made the sleeves super long which is sooo comfy and the added thumb holes make it easy to keep the sleeves up if you need to.

A version for Rocket is in the works!

Yay! Look at all those colors!!!!

Next up was learning brioche knitting! This felt very intimidating but I like rounding out my skills so I took on the challenge over a holiday break.

The pattern is the Harlow Hat by Andrea Mowry. I used pretty malabrigo yarn in purple and grey with rainbow stellina from Fairytale Fibers.

I have a couple goofy stitches in there and my tension is wonky but who cares. This was a learning opportunity for me and I love wearing it daily.