Happy Birthday: Faith Humphrey Hill (Yup, Me!)

Today’s my Birthday! So I’m going to use this week’s “happy birthday” post to introduce myself to new followers. [FYI: the “happy birthday” posts are a weekly series where I learn and share the work of amazing female artists.]

Here’s 25 things you may not know about me.

  1. I taught myself to knit (before youtube…so, from books!) after my first son was born in 2006.

  2. I’m a lifelong vegetarian. I’ve never eaten chicken, turkey, lobster, etc…

  3. I was one of those kids who always wanted to be an artist. Making art is like drinking water, it truly feels like a necessity for me.

  4. I love pets and my current dog Rocket is the absolute best studio buddy in the world!

  5. I have metal rods in my back from scoliosis.

  6. I was a test subject for a heart procedure that required a metal implant to be placed in my heart. So, I’m kind of a robot.

  7. I get very anxious before social events but am always happy once I get there and start talking to people.

  8. I have a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

  9. I graduated with student leadership honors for operating the student galleries. On top of a full class load, and a part time job I organized 14 exhibits in those galleries a year. It was busy AND super fun!

  10. I don’t have an art studio but am currently working on a better organizational system for knitting and sewing supplies. I don’t like feeling stuck in one place so I make my art wherever I am. No studio needed :D

  11. I’m camera shy and don’t like public speaking.

  12. I started exclusively drawing digitally when I received my IPad Pro in October 2017. Before that I worked in charcoal and oils.

  13. I’m a city person. I feel motivated when I see people moving and making things happen.

  14. I have two sons and have been married to my husband since 2000. My guys are all wonderfully creative themselves and supportive of my work. I love them dearly!

  15. I have a Masters in Arts Management from Columbia College. I was the first to graduate with a focus in Art in Youth and Community Development.

  16. I live in a stunning small apartment with my family. A couple years ago we moved and unloaded about 3/5 of our stuff. We now spend less time doing things like lawn maintenance, cleaning and fixing things; and spend more time together making art and playing!

  17. I love the change of seasons. As soon as I get tired of one another starts.

  18. I like cubing. My kid taught me how to solve the rubik’s cube for mother’s day one year.

  19. I don’t like cooking but I’m o.k. with cleaning.

  20. I’d love to see artists judge each other less and support each other more.

  21. I love houseplants and hope to adopt a few more for my birthday.

  22. I’ve always been pretty good about going to the gym… about 4 times a week. I use it as my time to watch whatever tv or youtube I want.

  23. I love drawing portraits because I want to connect and understand others.

  24. I worked in galleries and museums for 20 years and my favorite part of those experiences was talking to other artists.

  25. I feel like I will never know as much about art as I’d like.