Knit Print Created on the Knit Machine!

This is the first knit print I made entirely using my 50’s-60’s knitting machine.

Last week while my husband was out of town I decided to use the extra space and time to have my own “art retreat”. I had recently received a spinning wheel and I’ve also had a knitting machine for years that I hadn’t made anything with. This felt like the perfect opportunity to focus my energy and learn how these tools work. I’ll do a full video about what I made and what I learned during my little “art retreat” but today I want to share this art development.

I figured out how to create my knit prints on the knitting machine!!! I originally wanted to learn the machine by knitting a sweater but realized two days in that I would need a longer cast on comb to make that happen. I ordered the comb but was disappointed because I didn’t want the week to go by and not produce anything using the machine.

So I switched gears and read up on how to do different colorwork techniques on the machine. I gave it a go and it worked! However, the process was taking about the same amount of time as it would for me to do it by hand. This defeats the purpose of making the knit prints on the machine. I want to use the machine so I can produce my images faster for some upcoming projects I really want to do. So I experimented with eliminating steps in the process without losing the look I was going for.

It totally worked!!! This piece took me about half the time the knit prints typically take me when knitting by hand and there is definitely the potential for the process to be faster as I become even more familiar and confident with the machine.

Hand knitting has the total portability which I really love when making art but the knitting machine has a retro mechanical element that is just so interesting to me. I received the longer cast on comb and am now half way through a sweater on the machine.

I’m so happy I took the time to truly understand the tools available to me :D