My First KNIT Animation!

My first Knit Gif!

This is how it happened: I did the freehand digital drawing, created an underpainting layer, turned it into a knitting pattern, knit up each frame on my 1950’s (non-electronic) knitting machine, photographed the knitting, then brought it back in as the underpainting to the drawing layer. The entire process took 4 work days.

I first created freehand digital drawings for each frame. Then I went back to each frame and created an underpainting layer.

drawing Gif.gif

I exported the underpainting layers and turned them into knitting patterns that I knit up using my 1950’s non-electronic knitting machine. This was a big reason why I could do this project. The machine is more organized than doing the knitting by hand so I was able to produce 6 frames in the time it would take me to knit 1 by hand! It also made all the stitches more uniform, which I wouldn’t care about for a single image but since this was animated I wanted to control the jumpiness between frames [if that makes sense :)].

Once the knitting was complete I photographed it, layered it under the drawn frames then freehand colored each frame.

I’m so excited about the results and have soooooo many ideas for how to use this technique!