New Studio Doggo: Daisy

This has been a bit of a transition week. My oldest son graduated middle school, my youngest had his final week of school, and we adopted a second doggy we named Daisy. Of course, I’ve managed to fit in bits of art making to share as well!


Let’s talk about Daisy first! As a family we’ve had a total of 3 dogs (Daisy is our 4th). We adopted Rocket as a 4 month old puppy as our lab mix Loopy was 10. It was perfect. She was showing her age with some arthritis but aside from that she was quite healthy. She loved having puppy Rocket to care for and Rocket enjoyed having a guide to doggy life. They had 3 years together before she passed away from cancer. We decided at that time we’d continue transitioning our dogs like that in the future.

Rocket is turning 9 this year, he has hypothyroidism and is on a special diet because he has a sensitive stomach. So he’s starting to show some age but in general he’s very healthy. All other life stuff was also perfectly aligned. We like where we’re living and the kids are old enough to help with walks etc… especially with their flexible summer schedule starting. It was time to welcome a second dog!

We had some specific criteria for the new dog that we needed to follow. Our building has breed restrictions, and while our building doesn’t have size restrictions many buildings do so we wanted to get a small dog in case we’d need to move at some point. Aside from that we really just wanted the perfect personality match to Rocket.



We looked online and filled out shelter applications a week before we wanted to meet potential dogs. We were approved by the shelters and met three dogs that were all so wonderful and sweet but just weren’t a good match for Rocket.

Daisy came out and Rocket sniffed her and she just rolled over. After a while they just lied in the grass next to each other. We knew she was perfect for Rocket and adopted her right away!

(side note: completely coincidental my art friend Anna Lentz of was at the same shelter adopting her new studio dog: Lucy!)


We don’t know much history about Daisy. She was rescued from the Oklahoma floods. We think she’s 3 years old, 18lbs, an Italian greyhound mix and she may have had a litter before. She’s a bit timid, is very quiet and super chill. Rocket totally loves her. He lets her ride in the car next to him, she cuddles next to him at night, he doesn’t care if she drinks from the same water bowl or sleep in his crate (of course she has her own now). It’s adorable and makes him and I so happy!


Bonus: She likes clothes so now I have two doggies to knit for!!

Speaking of knitting! Artistically this week, I’ve been working on portrait commissions and fine tuning my colorwork skills.

In knitting there’s several ways to tension the working yarn but the most common are Continental (left hand) and English (right hand). Many knitters will knit two color stranded knitting by tensioning one color of yarn in each hand… so both continental AND English style. My preferred style is continental so this week I learned the English style.

I also took time to learn the colorwork buttons on my knitting machine. Check out all the patterns in the pictures below! It was so cool adjusting the levers and pushing the buttons to make the different patterns!


I’ve also starting learning Entrelac but I’ll talk about that more next week.