Knit Animation: Work in Progress

This has been a busy week: I worked the Yarn Crawl at Dye Hard Yarns (where I’m the Artist in Residence), I have booth space at Stitches Midwest with Mia Bella Yarn and I’ve been working on another Knit Animation of my new dog Daisy.

The second animation is much more ambitious than the first one I did of my dog Rocket (the purple one above). The first one of Rocket was 12 animation frames at 40 stitches each. The second animation is 24 frames and 50 stitches across.

The top image shows my finished progress so far and the second image shows how the process works with the knitting pattern. Each frame includes freehand cross hatch coloring and an original knit background. It’s all a lot of work but its so fun and I’m so excited about all the places I can take my portraits now that they’re moving!