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Knit Animation: Work in Progress

This has been a busy week: I worked the Yarn Crawl at Dye Hard Yarns (where I’m the Artist in Residence), I have booth space at Stitches Midwest with Mia Bella Yarn and I’ve been working on another Knit Animation of my new dog Daisy.

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My First KNIT Animation!

My first Knit Gif! I did the freehand digital drawing, created an underpainting layer, created a knitting pattern, knit it up on my 1950’s (non-electronic) knitting machine, photographed the knitting, then brought it back in as the underpainting to the drawing layer. Yay!

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Studio Vlog: Special Upcoming Art Week

In this video, I share life and studio stuff from the past couple of weeks. I also share a major art week I have coming up. I'm going to spend a week focused on learning my spinning wheel and knitting machine because I have some major art plans that can only happen once I know how to use these machines.

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