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Happy Birthday: Wendy Maruyama

“One of the things that I think has been really important to me - and I tell my students this all the time - is that it's really important to be prolific, to make as many pieces as you can. And that's very hard to do with furniture because it's time-consuming. But the reason why it's important to be prolific is because I believe only one of 10 pieces are going to be truly successful. It's going to take those nine pieces to come up with that one successful piece.”~Wendy Maruyama

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Happy Birthday: Marjorie Schick

"The best advice is to have confidence in what you are doing, believe in it, and keep doing it. No matter what obstacles are put in your path. Of course it’s easy to lose confidence. This is so in professional sports and, I imagine, in most fields of endeavor. Don’t lose heart. Rededicate yourself to your vision. Persist. Resist the naysayers you meet and the ones inside your head." ~ Marjorie Schick

It may not be easy to find a market or a niche but keep searching, because they do exist."

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