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Off The Digital Shelf: Sketchnotes

During the first week of school my third grader had a worksheet where he had to share his favorite things. When I checked his work I noticed he had put only a letter or two as a response to each question. I told him I'd scribe for him so we can get full responses on the sheet. As we filled out the sheet he referred to the letters he had written to kick start his memory of what his answer was. In essence, my little dyslexic had developed a form of short hand. I already had the book, The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde on my reading list and moved it up to this week in hopes of learning more ways to help my two dyslexic kiddos get ideas on paper.

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Sketching Away

There's a hashtag challenge that's been moving through my social media feeds, #oneweek100people2017. As it implies artists are pushing themselves to sketch out 100 people in only 1 week. I got a bit distracted doing other drawings and things this week and didn't get a chance to look it up until Wednesday. Where I learned that this is THE week for the hashtag. I think I was sort of hoping it was an ongoing thing and I could just select a week to dedicate to it. So I thought about it and decided to skip yesterdays post and instead see if between Thursday and Friday if I could reach 100.

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