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Happy Birthday: Barbara Tisserat

“[In printmaking] Your drawing is always reversed…That’s one step away from where it was, so there's always an element of risk. Most characteristic of lithography, you make an error with the consistency of the ink or the number of rolls, it’s just very unforgiving. There’s an element of tension the process provides.” ~Barbara Tisserat

Happy Birthday: Myrna Báez

“I do not want to do landscapes for tourists nor make pictures of the sentimental, nostalgic or folkloric things that people in this country suffer from due to a lack of identity. I am using landscape because I am interested in the form, because I’m interested in color, because I’m interested in the place… I’m interested in expressing: light–that which surrounds us, the shapes that have formed me, that has made me and that move me.”   ~ Myrna Báez

Happy Birthday: Cornelia Breitenbach

“...intended to integrate in such a way as to relate directly to the viewer's intuitive level of response. Without denying the intellect's pervasive influence in respect to so-called intuition, I feel there are those receptors within that are best tapped via a direct visual experience--an experience devoid of traditional artistic devices such as sign, symbol, ambiguity, irony, or metaphor.” ~ Cornelia Breitenbach