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Happy Birthday: Myrna Bàez

"I do not want to do landscapes for tourists nor make pictures of the sentimental, nostalgic or folkloric things that people in this country suffer from due to a lack of identity. I am using landscape because I am interested in form, because I'm interested in color, because I'm interested in the place...I'm interested in expressing: light--that which surrounds us, the shapes that have formed me, that have made me and moved me." ~Myrna Bàez

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Knit Animation: Work in Progress

This has been a busy week: I worked the Yarn Crawl at Dye Hard Yarns (where I’m the Artist in Residence), I have booth space at Stitches Midwest with Mia Bella Yarn and I’ve been working on another Knit Animation of my new dog Daisy.

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Happy Birthday: Wendy Maruyama

“One of the things that I think has been really important to me - and I tell my students this all the time - is that it's really important to be prolific, to make as many pieces as you can. And that's very hard to do with furniture because it's time-consuming. But the reason why it's important to be prolific is because I believe only one of 10 pieces are going to be truly successful. It's going to take those nine pieces to come up with that one successful piece.”~Wendy Maruyama

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