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Exhibition News


 An art exhibit in Chicago: Reception Oct. 6th 2-4pm Sept. 29-Oct. 24 

Old Town Art Center, 1763 N. Park Ave. 

Portrait artist Faith Humphrey Hill (Oak Park, IL) is exhibiting a dozen mural size portraits that utilize digital tools to combine knitting and crosshatch drawing. The artist will also be showcasing knit animations that use similar techniques to create moving knit portraits. 

“Knit Prints celebrate our common thread. Combining the visual symbolism of knitting with the expressive color and rendering of digital drawing. They create a comfort and familiarity between viewer and subject though they may be strangers.” ~ Faith Humphrey Hill

Faces are a fascinating subject. Through them we connect with others. We sense their feelings and learn about their experiences. Faith enjoys the process of learning about others through visual observation. For this reason, she prefers to use reference photos of real people she hasn’t met. This allows her to use her eyes to learn about the individual. While creating the drawing she finds herself mirroring the subjects expression resulting in her bringing some of herself into each portrait. Additionally, Faith prefers a portable studio practice where surrounding voices, stories and faces can enter each finished artwork. Creating a finished portrait that is an amalgamation of many individuals. 

Faith’s artwork envelops the viewer in the warm familiarity of knit while surprising them with blasts of color and texture, this juxtaposition alters their perspective enough to see the similarities between themselves and a stranger. 

Faith Humphrey Hill is an artist who is always experimenting and playing between the lines of traditional and technological. Follow her journey into knit prints, knit animations and beyond via her website,



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