About Faith



Hi I'm Faith, the artist behind Dartily (combination of "art" + "daily"). I created Dartily in order to document and share my visual art research and art making adventures.

I have a passion and obsession with art that I just have to share :)


I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a Masters in Arts Management. Throughout my career, I've loved working with artists to discover and make art through exhibitions and studio art classes. I've held leadership positions in commercial and non-profit galleries, community art centers, art museums, schools, and in public art. 


Dartily is an important part in my art adventure. Here I share art created in my favorite media (drawing and knitting) as well as experiment with various techniques and tools. I also, share my research on topics such as arts education, neuroaesthetics, exhibition trends, spirituality in art and creativity studies.

If it inspires...I share it.

I created Dartily in collaboration with a network of artists, my family (Stephen, Andy and Spencer) and my studio dog Rocket. 

Thanks for visiting!

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