Knit Art by Faith Humphrey Hill

The Knit Tapestries (5’ x 7’ 6 color double bed jacquard knitting) pictured below are created using a hacked 1980’s knitting machine. Incorporating technology in the process reflects my life with metal implants; as I am a balance between organic and inorganic so is my art. The subjects are strangers to me, just as they are to the viewer of the finished work. Being a visual artist, I use my eyes to learn about the person, and in the process find commonalities between us. Through my art I strive to increase empathy amongst strangers.

The Knit Art series features physical knitting layered beneath a hand drawing on clear vinyl.

The fabric is produced on a 1980’s hacked knitting machine in the double bed jacquard technique. This results in a clean reverse, free of floats, allowing this series to exhibit unframed floating on the wall.

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